Quotation Policy

  1. Introduction:
    • Purpose: This Quotation Policy establishes the guidelines for requesting and providing quotations on PhenixBox. It aims to ensure a transparent and efficient process for both buyers and sellers.
    • Scope: This policy applies to all users of the PhenixBox platform, including buyers and sellers involved in the quotation process.
  2. Requesting Quotations:
    • Requirements: Buyers must provide detailed and accurate information about their needs, including product specifications, quantities, delivery requirements, and any other relevant details.
    • Communication: All communication regarding quotations should be conducted through the PhenixBox platform to ensure transparency and record-keeping.
    • Response Time: Buyers should specify the timeframe within which they expect to receive quotations from sellers.
  3. Providing Quotations:
    • Accuracy: Sellers must provide accurate and detailed quotations that include product specifications, pricing, delivery terms, and any other relevant details.
    • Validity: Quotations should clearly state the validity period during which the quoted prices and terms are applicable.
    • Timeliness: Sellers are expected to respond to quotation requests within the timeframe specified by the buyer.
  4. Negotiation and Agreement:
    • Negotiation: Both parties may negotiate the terms of the quotation, including pricing, delivery schedules, and other conditions. All negotiations should be documented through the PhenixBox platform.
    • Agreement: Once an agreement is reached, both parties should confirm the terms in writing via the PhenixBox platform. This confirmation will serve as a binding agreement.
  5. Confidentiality:
    • Information Protection: Both buyers and sellers are required to maintain the confidentiality of all information shared during the quotation process.
    • Non-Disclosure: Any proprietary or sensitive information disclosed during the quotation process must not be shared with third parties without explicit permission.
  6. Dispute Resolution:
    • Initial Steps: In case of any disputes arising from the quotation process, both parties should first attempt to resolve the issue through direct communication.
    • PhenixBox Assistance: If the dispute cannot be resolved directly, either party may seek assistance from PhenixBox support for mediation.
  7. Compliance:
    • Legal and Ethical Standards: All users must comply with applicable laws and ethical standards during the quotation process.
    • Platform Policies: Users must adhere to all PhenixBox policies, including this Quotation Policy, to ensure fair and transparent transactions.
  8. Amendments to the Policy:
    • Policy Changes: PhenixBox reserves the right to amend this Quotation Policy. Users will be notified of any changes, which will take effect immediately upon posting.
    • User Agreement: Continued use of the platform after policy changes constitutes acceptance of the new terms.
  9. Contact Us:
    • Support: For questions or concerns regarding the Quotation Policy, contact PhenixBox support at [email protected].
    • Feedback: PhenixBox welcomes user feedback on the Quotation Policy to help improve the platform.