1. Requesting a Quotation:
    • Process: Buyers can request a quotation for products listed on PhenixBox directly from the seller by using the “Request Quotation” feature on the product page.
    • Details Required: Buyers should provide detailed information about the desired quantity, specifications, and any other relevant requirements.
  2. Providing a Quotation:
    • Seller Response: Sellers will review the quotation request and provide a detailed quotation including price, terms, and conditions within a specified timeframe.
    • Quotation Format: The quotation should include item descriptions, quantities, unit prices, total price, payment terms, and delivery terms.
  3. Acceptance of Quotation:
    • Buyer Review: Buyers should review the received quotation and confirm acceptance by responding through the PhenixBox platform.
    • Agreement: Once accepted, the quotation forms a binding agreement between the seller and the buyer under the specified terms.
  4. Validity of Quotation:
    • Time Frame: Quotations are typically valid for a specific period as defined by the seller. Buyers should ensure acceptance within this period.
    • Modifications: Any modifications to the quotation terms should be mutually agreed upon by both parties and documented.
  5. Disputes and Clarifications:
    • Resolution: Any disputes or need for clarifications regarding quotations should be resolved directly between the buyer and the seller.
    • PhenixBox Assistance: PhenixBox can assist in facilitating communication but does not mediate disputes over quotations.