Dispute Resolution

  1. Dispute Resolution Overview: On the PhenixBox marketplace, any disputes between buyers and sellers should be resolved directly between the two parties. PhenixBox acts as a facilitator and not the owner of the products, so we do not arbitrate disputes but can assist in mediation.

  2. Communication is Key: We encourage buyers and sellers to communicate openly and honestly through the PhenixBox messaging system. Keeping a record of all communications can help resolve disputes more efficiently.

  3. Steps to Resolve a Dispute:
    • Contact the Seller: Begin by reaching out to the seller through the PhenixBox messaging system to discuss the issue.
    • Provide Evidence: Share any relevant information or evidence that supports your claim, such as photos, order details, or correspondence.
    • Seek Mediation: If the dispute is not resolved through direct communication, request mediation through PhenixBox. Our support team can assist in facilitating discussions and finding a resolution.

  4. Mediation Process: If mediation is necessary, PhenixBox will:
    • Review the details of the dispute and any evidence provided.
    • Facilitate communication between the buyer and seller to reach a mutually agreeable solution.
    • Provide guidance and support to both parties to help resolve the dispute amicably.

  5. Final Decision: If mediation does not resolve the dispute, PhenixBox may offer a final decision based on the evidence and discussions. Both parties are encouraged to comply with this decision.

  6. Contact Information: For assistance with dispute resolution, buyers should contact PhenixBox customer support. Our team is available to help with marketplace-related issues and mediation.