Group Purchase

  1. Group Purchase Overview: On the PhenixBox marketplace, group purchases allow buyers to benefit from discounted rates on products that sellers have designated for group purchasing. PhenixBox acts as a facilitator, and all group purchase transactions are conducted directly between the buyer and the seller.
  2. Participating in a Group Purchase:
    • Select the Product: Buyers can browse products on the PhenixBox platform that are available for group purchase. These products will be clearly marked with a group purchase option.
    • Join the Group: Click on the group purchase option for the desired product to join the existing group purchase initiated by the seller.
  3. Terms and Conditions:
    • Discount Rate: The discount rate for the group purchase is determined by the seller and is typically based on the total quantity purchased by all participants.
    • Minimum Quantity: There may be a minimum quantity requirement for the group purchase to qualify for the discount.
    • Deadline: A deadline will be set for the group purchase. Once the deadline is reached, the group purchase will be finalized.
  4. Payment and Confirmation:
    • Make Payment: Buyers make payments through the PhenixBox payment system once the group purchase requirements are met.
    • Order Confirmation: After payment is confirmed, the seller will process the order and arrange for shipping.
  5. Group Purchase Benefits:
    • Discounts: Enjoy exclusive discounts and better prices by participating in group purchases.
    • Ease of Use: Simply click to join an existing group purchase without needing to organize a group yourself.
  6. Dispute Resolution: Any disputes related to group purchases should be resolved directly between the buyer and the seller. PhenixBox can assist in mediation but does not arbitrate disputes on behalf of either party.
  7. Contact Information: For assistance with group purchases, buyers should contact the seller directly through the PhenixBox messaging system. PhenixBox customer support is available to help with marketplace-related questions and facilitate dispute resolution if needed.