Shipping and Delivery

  1. Shipping and Delivery Overview: On the PhenixBox marketplace, shipping and delivery terms are determined by individual sellers. PhenixBox acts as a facilitator and not the owner of the products, so all shipping and delivery arrangements must be handled directly between the buyer and the seller.
  2. Shipping Terms: Buyers should review the seller’s shipping policy before making a purchase. Key aspects to consider include:
    • Shipping costs and payment responsibilities.
    • Estimated shipping timeframes.
    • Available shipping methods (e.g., standard, expedited).
  3. Delivery Process: To ensure timely delivery, buyers should:
    • Provide accurate shipping information during checkout.
    • Track the order using the tracking number provided by the seller.
    • Be available to receive the package or arrange for a safe delivery location.
  4. Shipping Issues: In case of any shipping issues, such as delays or damages, buyers should:
    • Contact the seller directly through the PhenixBox messaging system.
    • Provide order details and a description of the issue.
    • Follow the seller’s instructions for resolving the shipping problem.
  5. Dispute Resolution: Any disputes related to shipping and delivery should be resolved directly between the buyer and the seller. PhenixBox can assist in mediation but does not resolve disputes on behalf of either party.
  6. Contact Information: For any issues related to shipping and delivery, buyers should contact the seller directly. PhenixBox customer support is available to assist with marketplace-related questions and facilitate dispute resolution if needed.