Credit Terms

  1. Credit Terms Overview: On the PhenixBox marketplace, buyers and sellers have the option to agree on credit terms for purchases. This allows buyers to receive products and pay the seller at a later date, subject to the credit terms agreed upon between the two parties.
  2. Agreement on Credit Terms: The buyer and seller must mutually agree on the credit period and terms. This agreement will outline the payment schedule, any applicable interest rates, and other relevant conditions. It is the responsibility of both parties to clearly communicate and document these terms.
  3. Seller Approval: The seller must approve the credit arrangement before the buyer can make the purchase on credit. The seller may conduct their own assessment of the buyer’s creditworthiness before granting credit approval.
  4. Payment Responsibilities: The buyer is responsible for making payments according to the agreed-upon credit terms. Failure to comply with these terms may result in penalties, additional interest charges, or other consequences as stipulated in the credit agreement.
  5. Dispute Resolution: Any disputes related to credit terms should be resolved directly between the buyer and the seller. PhenixBox is not involved in the credit approval process or the enforcement of credit terms but can assist in facilitating communication and mediation if necessary.
  6. Contact Information: For any issues related to credit terms, buyers and sellers should communicate directly. PhenixBox customer support is available to assist with marketplace-related questions and facilitate dispute resolution if needed.