Group Orders

  1. Overview:
    • Definition: Group Orders on PhenixBox allow multiple buyers to come together to purchase a product at a discounted rate. This can increase sales volume for sellers while providing better deals for buyers.
  2. Setting Up Group Orders:
    • Eligibility: Sellers can choose which products are eligible for group orders. These products will be marked as available for group purchase on the PhenixBox platform.
    • Discounts: Sellers must specify the discount rate and the minimum number of buyers required to activate the group order discount.
    • Duration: Sellers can set a time limit for the group order to be completed. If the minimum number of buyers is not reached within this period, the group order will be canceled, and buyers will not be charged.
  3. Managing Group Orders:
    • Order Tracking: Sellers can monitor the progress of group orders through the PhenixBox dashboard, including the number of participants and order status.
    • Communication: Sellers should keep buyers informed about the status of their group orders, especially if the minimum number of participants is not met.
    • Shipping and Delivery: Once the group order is confirmed, sellers should process and ship the orders as they would with regular purchases, adhering to the shipping and delivery policies set forth.
  4. Handling Cancellations and Returns:
    • Cancellations: If a group order is canceled due to insufficient participants, sellers must notify buyers and ensure no payments are processed.
    • Returns: Group order items are subject to the same return policies as individual purchases. Sellers must handle returns according to their standard procedures.
  5. Benefits for Sellers:
    • Increased Sales: Group orders can drive higher sales volumes by incentivizing buyers to participate in bulk purchases.
    • Customer Engagement: Offering group orders can enhance customer engagement and loyalty by providing attractive deals.