Click and Collect

  1. Overview:
    • Definition: Click & Collect is a convenient service that allows buyers to place an order online or at the Phenix building and collect their purchases from a designated pick-up point.
  2. How It Works:
    • Order Placement: Buyers can place their order online on the PhenixBox website or directly at the Phenix building. They will then choose a convenient pick-up location from the available stores or collection points.
    • Order Confirmation: After placing the order, buyers receive a confirmation email with details on the pick-up location, date, and time.
    • Collection: Buyers collect their orders at the chosen pick-up point within the specified time frame. They must present the order confirmation and a valid ID for verification.
  3. Benefits for Sellers:
    • Increased Sales: Offering Click & Collect can attract more buyers who prefer this flexible shopping option.
    • Convenient Logistics: Simplifies the delivery process and reduces shipping costs for both sellers and buyers.
    • Enhanced Customer Experience: Provides a convenient and quick way for buyers to receive their orders.
  4. Seller Requirements:
    • Setup: Sellers must enable the Click & Collect option in their seller dashboard and specify the available pick-up points at the Phenix building.
    • Stock Management: Ensure that inventory at the pick-up points is up-to-date and sufficient to meet customer demand.
    • Communication: Sellers should provide clear instructions and updates to buyers regarding their order status and pick-up details.